Student Testimonials

" My son , Alan, started playing piano at 3 years old. He was taking lessons for 3 years with a teacher not associated with California sound Music Academy. He developed an appreciation for music and performance. He challenged himself by playing difficult pieces and enjoyed entertaining people. However, I was worried about his deficiencies in basic skills and technique. Alan’s posture, right hand position, and sight-reading needed work. I decided to meet instructor Noriko at California Sound Music Academy based on a recommendation I received. Noriko very quickly picked up on the things Alan needed work on and she comforted me by saying, “Don’t worry, we can start building and correcting his basic skills and technique. It is not too late.” I was so happy to hear that. Since coming to California Sound Music Academy Alan has improved on many areas because of the caring, discipline, and focus Noriko puts into each student. Alan has also learned different styles ranging from pop, classical, and jazz. There is a distinct level of quality we receive in music lessons from Noriko and California Sound Music Academy.
In attending the last three piano recitals I see it in the results of all the students! "

        AA- Mother of Alan



" My son, Mizuki, came to California Sound Music Academy in September, 2010. Prior to that he took 6 lessons in a community class at the beginner level. Instructor Noriko has provided a fun and challenging environment that is a mix of teaching basic skills, fingering technique, sight reading and an appreciation for playing through recitals and other opportunities. Noriko makes it fun by introducing learning through music and pieces that Mizuki knows and likes. I am happy with his progress and his interest and motivation. Instructor Noriko understands and knows how to tap into each student’s interests. Noriko also challenges each student with ever increasing complexity of  music. She instills the confidence and discipline needed to overcome the obstacles to reach the next level of growth in their learning. My son is very shy but since learning piano at California Sound Music Academy, he has built up the confidence to participate in opportunities to perform in public recitals and his school’s talent show. He is practicing at a steady level as he develops an increasing passion! I really appreciate Noriko and her talent and rare gift as a teacher.
Thank you very much!"

        YK-   Mother of Mizuki




 " My daughter, Fumina, started taking lessons with California Sound Music Academy the day after the Japan Earthquake March 2011. She has been steadily improving her sight reading and technical skills over the last two years. Her lessons have helped in adopting the alto saxophone as an instrument at school where she is a member of the orchestra. Fumina has developed a passion and love for music and I hope she continues on this path."

           - M. Okahara



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