About The Electric Bass

 Although they started showing up in the 1930’s, it wasn’t until Leo Fender introduced the Fender Precision Bass that the instrument started to gain popularity. But when first presented with recordings using Electric Bass in the late 50’s, Capitol Records executives rejected the recordings, stating “Electric Bass will never be used on popular music recordings.” Oops. Although not often used as a featured instrument, the Bass has been taken to beautiful extremes by the likes of Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Abraham Laboriel, and others. Probably the easiest and fastest way to get into a band, and everyone notices when the bass isn’t there. For those who mainly like to help lay the music foundation (groove) while others dance around in front, Bass is the way to go.

Purchase Price: $200-7,000 New
Rental Price: $10-50 per month
How Loud Is It?: 110dbl., depending on the amplifier. No volume by itself.
Difficulty Level: 4
Can the Sound be Muted?: Yes, into an amp with headphones.
Weight: 7-12lbs., 15 in the case, depending on what kind of case you use.
Additional costs, What else you’ll need: Strings, pics, strap, cable, 9v batteries, amplifier, bass speaker cabinet.
Scholarship Opportunities: Limited, but available
Performing Opportunities: All contemporary forms of music use bass: Rock, Pop, R&B, Contemporary Jazz, Latin, Country.

Pros: One of the easier instruments to learn to play, and relatively inexpensive to purchase.
Cons: Does not get featured much. Although not as expensive usually as guitars, you still have to have a considerable amount of equipment in an amplifier and speaker cabinet.

      -- George Shelby musicalinstrumentchoices.com

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