About The Bassoon

Not for the faint of heart, the Bassoon is one of the instruments that will take the longest amount of time to become proficient on, and yet give some of the greatest satisfaction in its performance. Used and featured in some of the most famous pieces in classical literature, television and movie soundtracks, the Bassoon is a well known sound if not that many people outside of music could actually name the instrument. The player very quickly learns how to make and adjust their own reeds, as one of the secrets to success in the Bassoon lies in the players ability to fashion playable reeds. Maybe not the most well known or recognizable instruments in the Orchestra, the Bassoon nonetheless is one of the most important in the success of any serious ensemble.

Purchase Price: $5,000-$250,000 New
Rental Price: $60 month
How Loud Is It?: 60dbl.
Difficulty Level: 8.5
Can the Sound be Muted?: No, but not that loud.
Weight: Around 7.5lbs.
Additional costs, What else you’ll need: Pad adjustments. A complete reed making kit, strap.
Scholarship Opportunities: Yes.
Performing Opportunities: Orchestra, Concert Band, Chamber Ensembles.

Pros: Distinctive tone color, wide range, variety of character, and agility.
Cons: Reeds are difficult to make and maintain, very expensive instrument.

       - George Shelby musicalinstrumentchoices.com

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