Our Business Culture and Philosophy
"Okyakusama Wa Kamisama Desu" meaning "The Customer is King"

 If you have ever traveled to,  or lived in Japan, then you can start to appreciate and understand the ultimate in customer service experience. Whether you visit a large retail store or a fast food restaurant, the feeling you get as a patron is that you are truly appreciated as a customer as if you are the only one in the store. You are greeted with a bow or a friendly hello.

You can see and feel the appreciation everywhere:  in a taxi where the cab is spotless and a clean white cloth covers the back seat; after a purchase of goods in a convenience store where a friendly bow is received; on the clean trash-free streets of Tokyo; and the spotless public restrooms of Narita Airport.

Years after my husband's first visit to Japan he still tells the story of the local gas station where we stopped to fill up, and the gas station attendant literally did a fast jog over to the car, took his hat off and bowed in front of us, and bellowed a very "Good Morning" in Japanese.

The other memorable story he tells is when we stopped at a fast food restaurant called Moss Burger, similar to a McDonald's in the US, and the person who took our order ran out from behind the counter with our order and bowed in front of him handing him the package and apologizing for the delay in our order, which to us, was lightning fast.

This level of customer appreciation is rooted in the culture of Japan and is called "Okyakusama Wa Kamisama Desu" when translated means "The Customer Is God"!

In building the California Sound Music Academy business, we have cultivated a culture that embraces the philosophy of "Okyakusama Wa Kamisama Desu" which carries through to every student lesson and ultimately to successful learning. We believe this is a true differentiator in the lesson services we provide and the experience every student receives.

"Jissho Shugi"

"Jissho Shugi" is a belief and practice which translates roughly into "working to the best of our ability everyday to earn the responsibility and privilege of teaching our students and gaining their respect by delivering results consistently, with care, and quality!  Through this effort, the students succeed and we are, in turn, rewarded with growth in our business and even greater responsibility.

All of us at California Sound Music Academy are thankful for the opportunity to provide our lessons and services to you, and look forward to sharing the "Gift of Music"!

             -Noriko Laudenslager    Founder,  California Sound Music Academy

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