About Us

All of us at California Sound Music Academy are committed to helping our students experience the joy that music can bring. We believe that a strong foundation in music theory, rhythm, sight-reading, ear training, and the development of technical competence is key to developing an appreciation for the art.

We go beyond the core components and foster life skills such as discipline, commitment, goal setting, working through obstacles, and building self-esteem. We provide an environment that nurtures cognitive, social, and emotional development of each student.

Whether you are an aspiring performer with dreams of playing the major venues of the world, or just someone who would like to experience the joy of music, all of us at California Sound Music Academy are committed to your success!


Founder Biography

Noriko Laudenslager was born in Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan.

At age 4, she started to learn piano. She loved music and immersed herself in every facet of the art; music leader, and piano accompanist. At 22 years old, Noriko studied Jazz Vocal in Tokyo, and experienced the excitement and challenge of singing professionally at several venues in the fast paced world of entertainment.

Noriko followed her dream and came to Los Angeles to study Jazz. Her love and passion for piano conquered her heart, and took it in the direction of studying at the university level with  Dr. Peter Green.

Upon entering California State University Northridge under the guidance and mentorship of Professor Francoise Regnat, Noriko earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance.

Noriko currently resides in Irvine, CA, and through the care and nurturing of each student, California Sound Music Academy has earned the reputation of quality in the Orange County community. Her talent, passion, and excitement for students of all ages and experience, fosters an environment of a  life long love for music.

Through a continuous approach to learning and developing skills and appreciation for the arts, Noriko has been an involved member of The Music Teacher's Association. Many of her students are currently practicing and readying themselves for the CM exams.




Mark Laudenslager
President and Executive in Residence

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and 25 years of business know-how to California Sound Music Academy.

As an executive with The Walt Disney Company, he led technical operations for the Disney Interactive Group supporting the on-line brands of ESPN.com, Disney.com,  ABCNEWS.com, Disneyland.com, Disneyworld.com, ABC Networks and Disneystores.com in their effort to entertain, engage, and service millions of customers across the globe.

Mark enabled the internet and web capabilities for a multitude of products and services which included fantasy sports and March Madness at ESPN, online travel and resort vacation booking at Disneyworld.com, and Toontown, a massively played multiplayer online game on Disney.com.

 He understands the intersection of technology and customer engagement through enriching media and entertainment experiences that one can only receive and imagine from a company like Disney.

During his tenure as a technology executive with Capital One Financial Corporation Mark led a staff of 250 professionals in building capabilities to support the massive growth from 3 million customers to over 35 million in 4 years. In addition, he led the business transformation of internal processes to support an employee base of 22,000 across 60 locations globally.

One of Mark’s passions is the love for music. His interests cover a multitude of styles and periods, from Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, and Rachmaninoff in the classical flavor, to the hard driving rock beats of Pearl Jam, or Metallica and some jazz, new age, blues, trance, and techno sprinkled in between.

In building California Sound Music Academy, Mark’s passion for music and technology is expressed.

Mark believes that by creating tools, services, and an environment to bring together music teachers and students, the love for music and playing an instrument continues to grow. Through this work the “Gift of Music” is shared and expanded throughout Orange County and Southern California, and a thriving art and entertainment culture continues to flourish from which all of us benefit!

During his free time, he enjoys the comfort and sounds of the waves at the beach with “Dolce” his golden retriever, hence the name “California Sound”.


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